About Us

Hello Line Fam, my name is Deysi. I’m the proud owner of The Lineman’s Wife Boutique and Line Culture Co. I became a line wife in 2019 when I married Anthony, my Journeyman Lineman. We are from SoCal and my JL works for Local 47. We have 2 line children, our son Anthony who is the eldest and our daughter Emily. They both act as my models when I need a little help having my ideas and inspirations come to life (They love it!). In June 2020, I had the honor to be able to create The Lineman’s wife Boutique and Line Culture Co both were created to honor all the hard-working linemen and linewomen as well as the family who supports them. My goal is to be able to show with respect  and honor what our trade is all about through clothing apparel and accessories. I cannot wait to share all my ideas and inspirations with you all. 



Deysi XO